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LabelMate S-100-SP Self-Powered Label Slitter Unit
LabelMate S-100-SP Self-Powered Label Slitter Unit
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LabelMate S-100-SP Self-Powered Label Slitter Unit

The S-100-SP Self-Powered Label Slitter:
The new S-100-SP Self-powered Label Slitter simplifies label slitting by providing powered pinch rollers to pull the labels through the cutting blades rather than having to rely on a Label Rewinder to pull the labels. This results in a constant cutting speed and means you can use any LABELMATE Rewinder equipped with a “Quick-Chuck” to do your rewinding. You adjust the slitting speed right on the S-100-SP. Because the S-100-SP is self-powered, you can reliably use more cutting blades than on a Slitter that is powered by a Rewinder. You can add additional BH-1 Blade Holders for a total of five across the maximum label width of 175-mm (6.9”). The new S-100-SP is a great choice for you label needs.
The easily replaced slitting blades are click-adjustable, maximizing their useful life. Special, very sharp, ground steel blades are supplied with the S-100, S-200 and S-100-SP and are recommended for replacement. No tools are required for blade adjustment or replacement. During slitting, the blades are stabilized with LABELMATE’s proprietary system, giving a clean cut at all speeds. Rugged, heavy-gauge welded steel construction and precision parts yield a product of the highest quality.
Self-Powered Label Slitter
· Adjustable easy to replace slitting blades
· MAX 7” Wide Label
· Up-to 5 Labels Across can be slit
· Self Powered feed
· Can work with a free standing rewind for waste backing

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