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Zebra Industrial Barcode Label Printers
Bar code printing improves data management and accessibility, reduces costs and increases productivity for millions of companies globally. Bar coding uses different combinations of bars and spaces to encode data into bar codes that are printed on a label or card. This easy-to-implement technology allows companies to utilize bar codes for unlimited identification and tracking applications. Zebra Technologies is a leading global provider of rugged and reliable specialty bar code printing solutions. Use Zebra's comprehensive guide to bar code technologies to get up to speed on bar code basics.
Zebra Desktop Barcode Label Printers
Choose from Zebra’s broad range of innovative and reliable on-demand printing solutions designed for business efficiency and security applications. Zebra's rugged, reliable and flexible products set the standard for specialty printing
Zebra Portable Barcode Label Printers
Zebra's broad range of mobile printers work on-site, on-demand to keep your business on the go. Wireless mobile printing has never been easier
Datamax Industrial Barcode Label Printers
Datamax Desktop Barcode Label Printers
Datamax O'Neil Portable Barcode Label Printers
Intermec Desktop Barcode Label Printers
Intermec printers, available in direct thermal or thermal transfer versions, with compact size, sturdiness, and silent operation. The inexperienced or busy user will appreciate Intermec’s Connect to Print concept, which makes setting up and printing a quick and easy task.
Compact and flexible, their Desktop Printers facilitate label printing in almost any environment. Ideal for locations where space is limited, for printing labels, tickets, and tags up to 4.1 inches wide to meet compliance mandates.
The compact Desktop Printers are perfect for the inexperienced or busy user – set-up and printing are quick and easy tasks. Its unique double-clam-shell design enables simple drop-in loading of paper and ribbon supplies.
Intermec Industrial Barcode Label Printers
The Intermect industrial-strength label printers offer integrated serial, USB and ethernet interfaces as standard equipment. They can operate as a “smart client” eliminating the PC from the application while also running peripheral devices such as scanners, weight scales and other printers. 
With Mid-Range Printers, users can enjoy all the features and benefits of larger bar-code label printers, including stand-alone smart printing, without giving up valuable space. The flexible media handling supports 6- or 8-inch OD label rolls, tear-off or label auto peel, and labels, tickets and tags in either roll or fan-folded format.
Mid-Range Printers are Designed to excel where space is limited.
Intermec Portable Barcode Label Printers
Printers that Withstand the Toughest Tests
Intermec mobile printers are designed to withstand punishing field conditions where dirt, moisture, temperature extremes and physical shock are common. Intermec's wide selection of energy-efficient mobile printers deliver high-speed performance whenever and wherever you need it. New wearable printers are designed with productivity in mind, saving up to 30 minutes a day per user.
Intermec WorkBoard Barcode Label Printers
The Intermec thermal work board printers are specifically designed to hold the Intermec 700 or CN3, CN3e and CK6 Series mobile computers, rendering a rugged one-piece solution that allows the user the convenience of a joined device, with a hand strap. Available in either 40-column or optional 80-column compressed formats.
TEC Industrial Barcode Label Printers
TEC Desktop Barcode Label Printers

For fast, on-demand labelling and ticketing direct from your desktop, look no further than the trustworthy Toshiba TEC range.

With market-leading features, exceptional build quality and reliability, produce professional labels quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

Citizen Barcode Label Printers

Citizen's printers are designed to work in the most demanding of environments ranging from high performance labeling to outdoor kiosk receipt printing.

If you need a barcode or label printer for warehousing or logistics, Citizen have a range of products to suit most needs from 'desktop' to 'high performance'.

Citizen most popular printers are the new CL-S700 mid-range and CLP 521 and CLP 621 industrial desktop printers.

If your application is receipt or ticketing, then take a look at the mini printers or kiosk printers. The latest CT-S310 and CT-S2000 printers are class leading with new and innovative features.

Solo Standalone Barcode Labelling
Smart Standalone Labelling
Standalone printing is fast becoming recognised as an appropriate solution for applications acrcoss many industries. Image now off er a powerful, dedicated product for label printing without the need for a PC.
SOLO is a unique keyboard and software package allowing sophisticated labels to be designed on a PC and instantly transferred to a ‘smart’ standalone keyboard for simple,
PC-independent printing.
Primera Colour Barcode Label Printers
Print Your Own Full-Color Product Labels
Print graphics, photos and bar codes on labels with Primera Technology’s LX400e and LX810e Color Label Printers.Printed labels are water- and scratch-resistant! Substrates can include matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss materials in paper and polyester.
VIP Colour Barcode Label Printers

Unlike many units in the market today, the VP485 is designed with large separate ink tanks. Each separate ink color can be changed discretely and are operated in conjunction with long-life print heads. This greatly reduces the frequency of replacements as well as the unnecessary waste and costs associated with tri-color ink cartridges that users face today.

Primera Barcode Label Rewinders and Applicators

All-in-One rewind and unwind label rolls!
No More Annoying Self-Rewinding of Labels
The new LX-Rewinder spares you the trouble of self-rewinding printed labels on label cores and is therefore effectively time-saving.

Primera’s AP-Series Label Applicators are the perfect semi-automatic labeling solution for cylindrical containers as well as many tapered containers, including bottles, cans, jars and tubes.
Set-up and operation is fast and easy. Just:
Set the guides
Place your container in the machine
Press the footswitch and your label is applied

Barcode Label Rewinders
Barcode Label Rewinder Machines
Epson EPOS Thermal Printers

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