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UR100 Automatic Label Rewinders
UR100 Automatic Label Rewinders
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Automatic Label Rewinder - UR100:

Compatible with virtually all brands of Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal & Inkjet Label Printers, Label Accessories' rewinding equipment provides a simple, fast & economical solution to the problem of printing large quantities of labels at one time and keeping them organized or rewinding labels into larger or smaller rolls for distribution.

The electronic speed control automatically synchronizes the winding/unwinding speed to the speed of your printer, and can wind labels 'face in' or 'face out'.   There are also adaptor kits for non-standard core sizes as well as for rewinding labels without using a core.


Universal Automatic Label Rewind Unit
· Auto-Switch Universal Power Supply (anyway worldwide)

· “Dancing Arm” (electronically synchronises speed & timing)

· Speed from 1” up to 12” Per Second

· 38mm / 44mm or 76mm Core Spindle

· Rewind & Un-Wind Unit (auto adjustable switch)

· Suits all Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Printers

· EU Approved

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